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The development of magnetic navigation system for home use of rTMS

-Medical, Engineering, Industrial cooperative project-

 Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) is effective for intractable diseases of the nervous system. As the effects of rTMS last only several hours, rTMS therapies need to be continued daily. Under present circumstances, it is difficult to use rTMS in patients’ home, because only experienced physicians in limited hospitals can use the expensive and complicated rTMS system.

 For the solution of these problems, we started a medical, engineering and industrial cooperative project. In this project, we develop a magnetic navigation system for home use of rTMS. The proposed system uses inexpensive and small magnetic sensors; hence it is suitable for home use. By using the proposed method, even people who have no medical knowledge and technique can easily navigate the coil for stimulation to the optimal position preliminarily specified by expert physicians.


  • Department Neuromodulation and Neurosurgery, Osaka Univ.

  • We gave a presentation at CME2012 in Kobe, Japan, and won The Best Student Peper Finalist.

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