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Development laparoscopic positioning system


  Laparoscopic surgery is minimally invasive surgery. It has benefit for patients that laparoscopic surgery is minimally invasive so damage for patients can be small, which helps them quickly recovered. But it has also demerit that workload is heavy for surgeons compared with normal open surgery.

  In general laparoscopic surgery, two surgeons are needed: a surgeon who operates instruments and a camera assistant who operates a laparoscope. If they don't communicate with each other, the surgeon operates a patient with difficulty. Because of it, there are demands for transition to laparoscopic solo surgery.

  For the purpose of this, recently many laparoscope positioning systems have been developed for assisting laparoscopic solo surgery. In our laboratory, we develop surgical assistant robots and control method. We develop control method from the following 2 approach. One is to develop interface to control robot manipulator by a surgeon. The other one is to develop algorithm for automatically positioning a laparoscope. Both approaches are to lighten surgeon's workload in surgical operation.

Automatic laparoscope positioning system based on biological fluctuation

  The merit of automatic laparoscope positioning system is that a surgeon can concentrate on operation because a surgical robot guides laparoscope automatically. Most of research of automatic laparoscope positioning system has tried to make an accurate model of camera assistant's laparoscopic operation. But a camera assistant's laparoscopic operation is very flexible so it is highly difficult to make an accurate control model.

  To solve this, we propose a bio-inspired automatic laparoscopic positioning algorithm which is non-model based approach and develop a system which was implemented the proposed algorithm. This method is expected to replicate camera assistant’s laparoscopic skill.

yuragi equation

yuragi equation inspired from biological fluctuation


Automatic laparoscope positioning system

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