MARVELICK is the robot we executed.We make how he was born public.
We are the Osaka university students. We were registering in the course ,INTRODUCTORY MECHATRONICS.
We must put together a game we would play with robots.
So first,we designed for the game,and made robots with LEGO Mindstorms which is the easy making-robots kit.
All of us cooprated in designing for the game.
But in making robots, we were devided into 8 groups,and each group made  one  robot.
Our final object is to play the game with these  robots.

[The members of the group "NO,5"]

There were 16 students in this class,so each team consisted 2 members.
However we the group"NO,5" consisted of 3 under certain circumstances.

Now,let me introduce the members.

Yuki Ohmae

Yuki Omae

He was the very imaginative person.He thought of most of the MARVELICK mechanism.

Kentaro Sirai

Kentaro Sirai

He was smart.He worked the MARVELICK programming and operating.

Tatsumasa Imai

Tatsumasa Imai

It's me.

Yuki Ohmae


He can carry 16 pingpong balls and throw them accurately.

["No,5"'s  track]

We decided on the rules of the game named "Paraboloid".
Let me not explain the detailed rules.
To cut a long  story short,we must make our own robot carry pingpong balles to 5 goals.
The goals was like chimney.So most groups made tall robots which could pour pingpong from their topballes into goals.

First we "No.5" tried to make the robot like these.
But finaly,we decided to dare to make a robot ,not "top pouring type" but "under throwing type".
We had much trouble with this execution from this reckless decision.
Because,many members thought "pouring type" could get scores more accurately and speedily.
"No.5" couldn't think of how to throw yet when most teams nearly completed making each robots.
Shoot like a catapalt ?   Hit like a golf player or a baseball player ?
We were lost in the dark forest "confusion".

After all,the time we had became only one day.
However,Mr.Ohmae connected the part like a golf club to a moter,and Mr.Sirai adjusted the revolution of the moter at that time.
Then,the balls which were thrown by the robot  fell describing fine parabolas.
I unconsciously mutter .


This was just the birth of the marvelick.

Marvelick beat many robot with his own  marvelous accuracy.
So finaly , "No.5" and marvelick got the third place in that game.

This is just MARVELICK!!!!!


the front of MARVELICK the back of MARVELICK